Online Trekking Pole Reviews


A lot of equipment has been rolled out to hikers over recent decades. Increasingly it has been getting leaner, but warmer or cooler, according to what is needed.

While staying cool, warm, dry, and keeping a lighter load are all preferred, nothing saves the joints quite like trekking poles. Trekking poles serve the added purpose of providing traction, and better movement through rocky, wet, snowy, or dry terrain through the use of tips and baskets on the poles.

Fabulous Features For Trekking Poles

Some of the best trekking poles can be strong but light, and fold up for easy packing. They have grips that keep hands comfortable for the long haul. And, they can hang tight on a pack where needed.

The top brand and favorite remain the Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock. They are 68-140 cm. And, of course, the Black Diamond name is best known for high-quality materials and its sturdy build. It’s anti-shock system is one of the best too.

Now, not to alarm you, but they have a high price tag. The main drawback according to mountaineers is that the snow disk should have a bigger diameter to it.

Another top tier competitor to the Black Diamond is the Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber. They feature another great staple on the higher-end brand name poles. It’s that of the quick lock. It’s made from carbon fiber, which means they are very lightweight. Just be mindful, though, as carbon is lightweight but fragile when exposed to overly rugged and rough situations.

It’s not the type of product to toss in a bag and let it go through baggage claim in the airport, and then be run over by a vehicle. Lightweight, in this case, does mean it can be somewhat delicate.

Though, the main advantage to this brand and model is that if you do have a mishap, they are affordable. While it may not be great if you are out on a trail to have your poles break, at least you can afford to replace them.

Most at this point adjust in different ways. The quick lock allows for adjustment that safely locks back into place to prevent injury and reassure users of the poles’ stability too.

All Budget Points Met

There are all sorts of budget points for trekking poles. No one has to pay a lot of money. BAFX provides a two-pack for the money. They are also anti-shock, though it is not the same as the patent-pending Black Diamond system. They provide ample replacement feet, giving you an extra pair without paying any extra money.

Hiking HP 5 comes with a two-pack as well. The grips are made from natural cork, which makes them both comfortable and contributes to a lighter weight set of hiking poles. Neweer Durable is another option down the line. It is retractable, which means it is both protected and compact for easier travel.

The manufacturer includes a small basket, which is useful for getting through different terrain. In case you get a little confused, they do come with a compass as well.

So, always look for the poles that suit your trip, style of hiking, packing, and anything else. For one, if they come with snow baskets, and you only hike in Florida, it may not be a selling point for you.

Look at the material, whether carbon or aluminum, just to name two. The way that they lock and adjust is also important. Just as well, consider the grips, because you will spend the most time with those on the mind while hiking.…